The perfume has three main enemies

Conservation du parfumLight
glass bottles allow light to pass . It is advisable to keep them in their original packaging , or arrange to shed light

Conservation du parfumTemperature variations
glass bottles must be placed in a part not undergoing temperature difference . The bathroom should be avoided. This is a place where the bottle is deposited on the unit and thus the condensation temperature of the juice.

Conservation du parfumAir
the presence of air may alter the content and eventually distorting.

The qualities of your perfume OFFENSIF

Being a totally opaque bottle , light can have no effect on the scent. Moreover , not being made ​​of glass and being housed in a shell, the bottle has a protection against temperature variations . Its pump system is a good protection against deterioration caused by contact with the air.

To avoid the last enemy , a word of advice:
use without moderation OFFENSIF your perfume!